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Comfortable Wheelchair Scales Mobility issues should never be a barrier to vital health checks like weight, so these T-Mech disability wheelchair scales are essential for checking the weight of a wide variety of users who might not otherwise be able to use scales. The wheelchair scales have a maximum weight capacity of 200kg and measures in gradients of a tiny 100g, so you can take incredibly accurate weight measurements. It's ideal for checking the weight of anyone with a disability or with obesity issues, and it has a number of really helpful benefits that go above and beyond just the standard scale functions. With folding arm and foot rests it's so much easier to get in and out of the wheelchair, and to find a comfortable seating position when it's in use. The chair itself also weighs just 20kg and has a built-in rechargeable battery, both of which make it extra portable. And when you don't want it to move at all, the castor wheels can be locked safely in place. With the easy-to-use control interface there's a tare for deducting the weight of any extra items, as well as a hold function which holds weight measurements whilst moving users. You can also choose to display the weight in kg or lb, depending on your preference. It's easy to clean and maintain, with wipe-clean surfaces all over, so it's ideal for the demanding needs of a care home, nursing home, hospice or doctors' surgery. Disability Wheelchair Scale Features Weighing capacity of 200kg Accurate measurements with tiny 100g graduations 4 x castor wheels with brakes Folding arm rests for comfort Hygienic and easy clean seat and surfaces Mains operation - adaptor included Rechargeable battery operation Comfortable folding foot rest Hold Function Tare Function KG / LB switch between

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