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There’s nothing better than indulging in a yummy hot meal - whether it’s for a celebration, special event or Sunday carvery. But the tiniest change in temperature ruins everything when you finally tuck in and it’s lukewarm or (even worse) stone cold. Customers should taste your recipes at their best - hot and safe to eat. Don’t ruin your own reputation by not keeping all that food at the perfect eating temperature, make sure your customers stay happy with an electric bain marie. All The Features Of A Wet Well Bain Marie Includes 5 x GN 1/2 pans and lids Each pan holds approximately 5.5 litres Water well creates steam and stops food from drying out Made from easy to clean stainless steel Holds loads of pre-cooked food like soup, chilli and gravy. Glass sneeze guard creates a wonderful display and prevents cross contamination Left hand drainage valve helps to empty the water well at the end of service Use the thermostat to adjust the temperature between 30-110°C Perfect for keeping food hot in commercial kitchens or at events. 12 month electrical warranty Wet well bain maries are perfect for all catering kitchens - top up the water well and the heating element will keep the water at a consistent temperature, whilst your food stays lovely and moist throughout service. Catering Bain Marie To Display Hot Food Fill the five GN 1/2 pans with your food and let the glass display showcase your recipes, so customers can choose what they want. The glass panel also makes the catering bain marie the perfect place to serve food and helps to prevent cross contamination.Let the wet well keep your food moist, just remember to keep it topped up with water throughout the day. Specifications Dimensions: 146.7cm wide x 35cm deep x 35.7cm high Voltage: 220-240V Power: 1.8kW Temperature range: 30-110°C Pan size: 33cm long x 27cm wide x 10cm deep Plug: 13A, 3 Pin UK Plug

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Wherever you are there’s nothing quite like a warm, tasty meal, especially if you haven’t eaten all day and that belly’s rumbling. But nothing ruins that perfect moment of finally digging into that grub, quite...

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