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An evening of chopping and stirring is no way to end the day. The chefs on the telly make it look oh-so-easy to whip up a tasty meal in no time, so why not join them? Invest in an electric pressure cooker to answer all your food based prayers and save you hours in the kitchen at dinnertime. The 8L Electric Pressure Cooker from KuKoo has 10 functions to quickly cook soups and stews, meat and seafood or rice and veg to perfection. Not your average pressure cooker KuKoo Pressure Cooker holds a humongous 8 litres of food 10 different cooking functions to make anything from pulled pork to paella Intelligent preset cooking times Non-stick, one pot cooking for less washing up Safety release lid and pressure release valve prevent the notorious explosions Healthy steam cooking locks in flavours and nutrients FREE serving spoon and measuring cup to help perfect your recipe FREE steaming rack and basket holds meat, veg and can even be used for pressure canning Plug: 13A, 3 Pin UK Plug Safety first with the electrical pressure cooker Back in the dark ages, pressure cookers would hiss and rattle away on the stove as you adjusted the pressure gauge and prayed for no explosions. Thankfully the intelligent spec of KuKoo digital pressure cooker allows you to set it and forget it as the preset functions have their own time and temperature settings. We also like to protect your kitchen and eyebrows with the countless safety features, including the built in safety catch, which stops you opening the lid until all the steam has been released and the pressure sensor control to cut off the power if it gets too high. Pressure cooking is fast This cooker keeps food moist and juicy to retain all the delicious goodness – just add water or stock to create the steam that will help perfectly cook your food in half the time and faster than any microwave or oven. You probably thought you didn’t have time for slow roasting pulled pork or homemade Chilli con Carne on a school night but this electric pressure cooker changes everything - exactly what you need when you could eat a scabby dog!

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