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Candy Floss Machine Perfect For Any Occasion This gorgeous retro KuKoo electric candy floss machine with cart looks good enough to eat, and that's before it even gets started making sweet, delicious candy floss. This pretty, pink, large bowl and professional KuKoo electric candy floss machine is the perfect extra guest at parties and events both large and small, from fetes to school discos, birthday parties and more. The machine comes with a handy matching cart so it easy to shift around too. The large 50cm stainless steel bowl is big enough to hold a lot of ingredients, so you can make sure there's always plenty of candy floss for everyone. The controls are simple, with an easy access on/off switch and a heat switch so you can stay totally in control of the magical candy flossing process. You can also get practicing your candy floss skills the moment you receive your machine as we are throwing in 500 candy floss sticks in for FREE! This candy floss machine and cart is so stylishly conspicuous that it will be the star at the centre of any occasion. Plus with the in-built steel drawer you will have space for useful bits and pieces like spare ingredients and change, for the money all those satisfied customers will be plying you with. Candy Floss Machine and Cart Features Large hinged stainless steel bowl that can handle loads of candy floss and can easily be removed for cleaning Simple to use controls so you can whip up your candy floss with ease Handy built-in drawer for storing handy items like spare ingredients, or takings and change Matching cart for easy transportation, so you can take your amazing machine on tour 500 FREE candy floss sticks Supplied with a UK standard 3 pin plug 12 month electrical warranty included

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