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Popcorn Machine Makes Movie Night Treats If you've ever been to the cinema, you'll know that popcorn is an incredibly valuable substance up there with gold and diamonds, so it's something that you can only enjoy every once in a while as a special treat. Unless, of course, you own your own KuKoo 8oz popcorn maker and cart, in which case you can have it whenever you like and can give it out to all your family and friends as though it grows on trees or something. This beautiful popcorn maker and cart makes and stores popcorn with minimum fuss and maximum style, ready for any party or other occasion - like the renting of a particularly anticipated film you're really looking forward to. See your popularity soar as you produce tasty popcorn on a whim. The 8 ounce kettle can produce approx 11.5 litres of popcorn per go, and up to approx 190 litres per hour - more than enough to power a kids' birthday party. And when it's not in use, it's still an impressive addition to any room. Popcorn Maker and Cart Features Massive 8oz capacity Stainless steel kettle with a swing lid to prevent popcorns from spilling - waste not, want not Heat light / deck keeps popcorn warm and fresh better than any cinema does Stainless steel food zone is easy to clean so you can always keep it sparkling Handy drawer for easy removal of those pesky un-popped kernels Attractive swing doors for easy access and operation Perfect for events, fayres, parties, film screenings and other gatherings Power: 1.37kW 1 year electrical manufacturer's warranty included Plug: 13A, 3 Pin UK Plug

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