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Spare Fingers For Your Plucking Machine Keep your feather plucking at optimum level by making sure your plucking fingers are always up to the job. These replacement rubber plucker fingers for the KuKoo range of poultry and chicken plucking machines are the clever bits that remove the feathers quickly and efficiently inside the stainless steel barrel of the tub style machines. Because they work so hard to remove all those feathers, the fingers can eventually get a bit worn, and this might slow down the plucking process. You don't want that, so that's why you should make sure you have some spares on hand for when the fingers have reached the end of their useful life. Why not have a look at the full range of electric plucking machines, which can de-feather a wide range of poultry in a matter of seconds, including quail, pigeon, chicken, duck, goose, turkey. Replacement Plucking Finger Features 60 x rubber plucker fingers Compatible with our 50cm and 60cm KuKoo chicken plucking machines 9.5cm long 3cm to 1.5cm diameter

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